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Tape Decks and Cassettes

Ghost Beach-Been There Before 

A little upbeat song to start your week off (yes, Tuesday is still the beginning of the week)


Grimes - Genesis

Fresh off the indie pipeline is Grimes’ new music video for her song Genesis which came out on her most recent album Visions.


Beach House - Lazuli

Here’s a new music video from Beach House for their song Lazuli that came out on their latest album. It’s pretty trippy.


Grimes - Nightmusic

Featuring pussy rings.


School of Seven Bells - Lafaye

Awesome shoegaze/dream pop music from School of Seven Bells, who named themselves after a legendary school for pickpockets thats supposed to be somewhere in the Andes Mountain Range in Columbia. Apparently as a final test, the teacher tells the pickpocket dude to try to lift something from a target whose been rigged by seven bells and if any one of them makes a noise then the pickpocket fails (or if they get caught, obviously).


P.S. There’s constant flickering of black and white in the video so it’s not for epileptics. 

Noosa-Fear of Love

Some dream pop for you right here.


Beach House - Walk In The Park

More dreamy pop for joo from Beach House


Julia Holter - In the Same Room

Dreamy, ambient indie pop to begin the late afternoon


Warpaint - Undertow

This all-girl band is very good, great dream pop/art rock band who reminds me of the xx, but more atmospheric and a bit more interesting. This song came out on the 2010 album The Fool. The entire album is terrific and a great follow up to the EP that came before it, Exquisite Corpse. Theres also another song by Warpaint that I really like, Elephants, which was released on the EP. It also has a music video so check that out!


The Antlers - Two

I love love love this video, because of the rotoscope look to it which totes fits with the psychedelic feel to the video. Two came out on The Antlers’ album Hospice, which came out in 09. Right now they’re based on New York, which somehow I still haven’t visited. I think they’re on tour at the moment, going around Canada and the West Coast, so if you can, go to one of they’re shows! They are phenomenal.



This is the fifth track off their debut album, Lives and Treasures, released quite recently in fact (March 11, 2011). Hailing from Brooklyn, this band was formed not so long ago I believe. 

The album cover is rather…strange. But then, don’t judge an album by its cover. :)


M83 - Midnight City

M83 are a funkeh shoegaze/dream pop band pulled together by frenchmen Anthony Gonzalez and Nicolas Fromageau. This song is coming out on their LP Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming, which by the way has not been released yet. But it will be soon, don’t fret. 

The cover art monster thing looks weird.