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Knife Party-Internet Friends

From the members of Pendulum, comes…

Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen have teamed up to form Knife Party, a side project which Swire stresses has nothing to do with Pendulum, despite that we do hear traces of Pendulum in their songs. 

I did not like this initially, but the song slowly got to me after a few replays. Give it a chance-you won’t regret it. 
Only if the weird voice of that woman can be removed….


P.S you may be tricked into thinking that your iPhone is ringing while listening to this song. Believe me, I fell for it.

Madeon - The Island (Pendulum Remix)

Kudos, madeon. 

Really, nowadays good remixes are hard to come by. It’s that either they’re so generic, lack flair, or just…sounds the same as the original.

In this brilliant (damn well amazing really :p) remix of the song The Island (possibly Part One) by Pendulum, madeon adds a completely different-but brighter progression to the song. Changed the mood of the song-and made it sound just as good as the original. Give it a try. Hope you wont regret it.