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Tape Decks and Cassettes

The 1975 - Sex
This is definitely SFW material; one of the most addicting songs you’ll ever hear in my opinion. 

I love these guys - after I’ve seen them live in a local music festival (Clockenflap WHEWWW) here in Hong Kong I’ve been hooked more than ever. 


The Colorist - Little Games (St. Lucia Remix)

Two great artists on a track? I think so. 

Brings out a different vibe to the original rockier sound, but good nevertheless. 


Atlas Genius-Trojans (Lenno Remix)

This is pushing Trojans, which was a fantastic song to begin with, to new heights. 

Reminds me of Madeon for some reason…



-with drumstep lol 

vocals-nicholas petricca from walk the moon 



Battleships-In Retrospect

Melodic, yet kinda dark.

I like it .


Daft Punk x Ellie Goulding – There’s Something About Us Under The Sheets


I like this. So chill!

By B-Roc of the Knocks.

Similar track placed below (also the same Daft Punk track, but with Adele! A knows  the other track)

Pretty Lights-I Can See It In Your Face

Soo funkeh…
..and chill
Gotta love that sax playing. Sex to my ears XD 

Working/study song (Y)


The White Panda-Bittersweet Donald (The Verve x Mac Miller)


Goes well (Y).
Never knew the verve track would fit so well. 


The Tallest Man on Earth-1904

This song is so chilllll

the song name does reflect the music…does have a retro touch to it.

this is from his upcoming album, There’s No Leaving Now, released in June.


Duck Sauce-Barbra Streisand (Darth and Vader Remix)


this version has got a heavier touch to it, and it’s…

don’t worry, i’ll let you decide-go ahead and click play.


(btw, whoever has an artist name associated with Star Wars is simply, awesome.)

Jay-Z vs. The Glitch Mob-99 Days (Carlos Serrano Mix)


There’s also the mashup of Adele and Daft Punk-check that out if you have the time.
(A, you know what I’m talking about here XD) 


Chi Duly-Hypnotize Portlandia (Notorious B.I.G x Washed Out)



James Egbert-Back to New (3LAU Remix)

This guy deserves praise for what he’s doing

(i’m talking about his music AND his charity funding)

damn good remix though, this guy is underrated.


Left Boy - Call Me Maybe

You know that song Call Me Maybe by that Zooey Deschanel lookalike Carly Rae Jepsen that suddenly got relevant in the mainstream? Of course you don’t, you good hipster you! But seriously, Left Boy remixed it and it’s dope, all bleep bloopy n shit. You can download it on his website for free, you cheap hobo you!


M83-Graveyard Girl

Rediscovery of a long lost, but loved song. 

There no way any one can not know M83….