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Tape Decks and Cassettes

The Maine - Visions

These guys keep hitting home. 
I’ve followed these guys through each evolution their sound goes through, and this new EP (Imaginary Numbers, go get it NOW) is absolutely amazing. 

Smoothing, and calming. Yet heartrending. I can’t think of anything else to describe this. 


The 1975 - Sex
This is definitely SFW material; one of the most addicting songs you’ll ever hear in my opinion. 

I love these guys - after I’ve seen them live in a local music festival (Clockenflap WHEWWW) here in Hong Kong I’ve been hooked more than ever. 


Born Ruffians - Ocean’s Deep 

Always good to have some indie rock to start your day. This one’s upbeat, a great feel-good song.


Lenno & Zak Waters - Show More Love 

One great collab. Can’t classify this exactly - its nu-disco with electropop touches. Good song to dance to. 


Suncatcher - Welcome Home (Ost & Meyer Remix)

Some good progressive trance I stumbled across while trying to find some Massive presets

Fun begins at 1:27.


Matthew Koma - One Night

Idk about you, 
but this guy’s got the stuff 


P.S. Check out the Vicetone Remix, equally as dope

Phoenix - Trying to be Cool (RAC Remix)

A good song with an interesting take


The 1975-Chocolate

My NEXT few favorite band.

Intro alone got me hooked-so check out some of their other stuff!



-with drumstep lol 

vocals-nicholas petricca from walk the moon 



Battleships-In Retrospect

Melodic, yet kinda dark.

I like it .


Daft Punk x Ellie Goulding – There’s Something About Us Under The Sheets


I like this. So chill!

By B-Roc of the Knocks.

Similar track placed below (also the same Daft Punk track, but with Adele! A knows  the other track)

Pretty Lights-I Can See It In Your Face

Soo funkeh…
..and chill
Gotta love that sax playing. Sex to my ears XD 

Working/study song (Y)


Metric-Speed the Collapse

Metric is back!

Album due to be released June. Called Synthetica.



Urban Contact-Just Not Right

Damn, these guys sound like Madeon/Mord Fustang.

My type of electrohouse :D


The White Panda-Bittersweet Donald (The Verve x Mac Miller)


Goes well (Y).
Never knew the verve track would fit so well.